Welcome to the Helen Wheels Gig Reviews page. As said elsewhere, I was originally primarily only concerend with those gigs Albert Bouchard did with the Helen Wheels Band circa 1984-1986 but that no longer applies.

I'm after info on any and all Helen Wheels gigs - gig reviews, reports, images, clips - anything really.

So - have you got anything to contribute to this page? Reviews, missing gig support band/venue information, ticket stubs, posters, handbills etc etc - if so, let me .



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Bruce A. Bennett

I found an old calendar of bands I booked at a club called City Gardens / Trenton NJ USA - Helen Wheels is on the calendar and it say "The Triumphant Return Of Helen Wheels" on 24 April 1981.

I do remember booking her 2-3 times. One of her 7" singles was on GO-GO Records out of Philadelphia.

John A. Mozzer

Check out this url - scroll down to see photo of me with Marc Stevens, and Helen Wheels in the middle:

The event was Marc Steven's Vampire Party, starring Helen Wheels live in concert at the Underground, 860 Broadway, New York City, on September 28, 1983.