Bouchard's Outrageous Canadians
  • Bouchard's Outrageous Canadians
  • Photo: Stephanie Bell

This section is intended to include as much information as possible on that interesting - and provocatively-titled - entity known as Bouchard's Outrageous Canadians. This ensemble seems largely to be the brainchild of Canadian promoter Lou Molinaro, a Blue Oyster Cult fan who also once actually promoted a Brain Surgeons gig in his native Ontario a few years back.

After the demise of the Surgeons, in 2008 Lou wanted Albert to come and play Ontario again, but the problem was that Albert had no band as such. So guess what Lou did?

He put a group together especially for the occasion comprising 9 local Hamilton musicians and invited Albert up for a couple of gigs and a drum clinic!! Now THAT'S what I call promotion!!

He did it all again in 2009 - in conjunction with a short series of Blue Coupe dates in the region - and this time it was themed around Imaginos-inspired songs.

Will Bouchard's Outrageous Canadians ride again or is that it for them? I have no idea but I sure hope we see them again at some point...

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