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The venue was a small funky bar on the lower east side. I FINALLY had the great fortune to met Les Braunstein, who I have heard SO much about from various people over the years. Les arrived from upstate NY with his wife, and they were joined by their daughter, who lives in NYC.

I spoke with David and Albert for awhile and they are REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to the Paris shows....Dom and Gerard....GET READY !!!!!!

Adrian, who is their guitar player, arrived soon after, and I couldn't decide who he resembled more....Matthew Broderick or Robert Downey, Jr.

Set List:

  1. Critical Mass
  2. The Red and the Black
  3. Scratch Around
  4. Funny Farm (this is going to be on the Motorhead tribute)
  5. Cities on Flame
  6. Dark Angel
  7. Astronomy

If any of you on the other side of the pond can rearrange your work schedules/holidays/military service/vacations so that you can catch these shows, I would encourage you to do it if you can. You can always get another job, but you can't always catch Les Braunstein and Albert Bouchard together on a stage....so let's get our priorities in order.

There was no encore. They played about 40 minutes.

I got there around 9:30 PM and it seemed like from around 8:00 PM on, they had different people performing in half hour time slots. I saw two singers - one girl performed and played keyboards, and the other girl sang acapella. The band went on at 11:00 PM. It didn't look like Albert's drums, since it was a Gretsch set, and I think all he probably brought was his cymbals. The stage was tiny.

I had never heard Les sing before, so I had no idea what to expect. He did a wonderful job and I thought he sounded great. His onstage presentation is much more....theatrical. He also plays guitar....a Telecaster.

"Astronomy" is my favorite BOC song of all time, and I love hearing it no matter who sings it and so many people have... James Hetfield, Deborah, Albert, Joe, Eric....I think even William Shatner would sound good....


Here's a youTube clip of "Rational Passional" from this gig:

And here's "Astronomy":

Adrian Romero

Thought you might like some setlists for your site. I love encyclopedic sites. Wish there were more of 'em on the internet.

The set list for the French shows [13-16 March 2008] was as follows:

  1. Critical Mass
  2. The Red and the Black
  3. Scratch Around
  4. Cities On Flame
  5. Back At The Funny Farm
  6. Dark Angel
  7. Astronomy

There was an encore on the 13th, 14th and 16th of Rational Passional. The version played on these dates was a different groove and tempo than the original version. Albert played a drum solo in "Cities" on the 15th.

Another feature of these shows, happened in the break between the slow tempo of "Cities" and the fast shuffle. I usually play a tune in here. At the 169 Bar gig, I threw in the "Chariots Of Fire" theme. Did it again at Arlene's in April. [When Albert sang it with my trio, Bobby Hatfield from the Righteous brothers had just died, so I played a little "Unchained Melody".]

For the French shows, I played Edith Piaf's "Le Vie En Rose". Partially chosen coz I thought my friend the French guitarist Yan Vagh would be bringing his daughter Rose to the Paris gig. The French audiences got a kick out of it.

Adrian Romero

The April 20th Arlene's gig setlist:

  1. Critical Mass
  2. The Red and the Black [ see this on youTube ]
  3. Back At The Funny Farm [ see this on youTube ]
  4. Magdalene [ see this on youTube ]
  5. Cities On Flame [ see this on youTube ]
  6. Dark Angel [ see this on youTube ]
  7. Godzilla [ see this on youTube ]
  8. Astronomy

BTW: Magdalene is another Les Vegas tune. "Godzilla" was played with a slide, and featured my friend Hide Inaba singing and reading the warning announcement in the middle.

Hide's a singer-songwriter from Japan whom I've also played with. Great guy.

Adrian Romero

Al, David, Les, Joe Bouchard (guitar/singing) and Tommy Zvoncheck on keys played a paranormal convention called TAPSCON in Clearwater, Florida July 19th.

They were billed as Ünderbelly and played a set outside, and then inside. The setlist according to David Hirschberg...

"So set list... I do know we omitted some but ya know you could kill me and I still wouldn't know but here is what was on the list in order:"

  1. Red & Black
  2. Critical Mass
  3. Burnin' 4 u
  4. Scratch Around
  5. Tattoo Vampire (I think not done outside)
  6. Funny Farm into Mr. Spaceman
  7. Dark Angel
  8. Magdalene (think we skipped)
  9. ETI
  10. Astronomy
  11. Rational Passional (I think skipped)
  12. Godzilla
  13. Reaper
Adrian Romero

November 15th, Ünderbelly played as part of an alternating set hosted by Andy Hilfiger. Joe played solo material with a guitar player.

Joe, Al, and Dennis Dunaway played as Blue Coupe, with Andy and another fellow sitting in, and Les, Al, David, Joe & myself played a short set in the middle.

  1. Dark Angel
  2. Rational Passional
  3. Astronomy
  4. The Red & The Black

Highlight: Les' best performance of the year.