If you dig out a copy of "Agents Of Fortune" and check the writing credits, you'll see the name Don Waller.

It was fairly unusual back then for a non-Blue Oyster Cult-related name to appear in the credits for a studio album and I did wonder at the time who was this guy and how did he get to write a song for BOC.

Also unusual was the inclusion of Murray Krugman's name in those very same credits, which again was a cause for interest...

Luckily, Don Waller has been in touch and here he throws some light on how it all happened...

Don Waller here. There's long been confusion/misinformation about "This Ain't The Summer Of Love." Myself and guitarist Paul Therrio originally wrote the song, which we performed with our band, the Imperial Dogs, back in 1974.

After the Imperial Dogs broke up in 1975, Kim Fowley introduced me to then-BOC co-manager/co-producer, Murray Krugman, who took just the hookline/chorus "This ain't the Garden of Eden/This ain't the Summer of Love," added different lyrics, and gave them to then-BOC drummer Albert Bouchard, who created all-new music.

This is why the writing credit on Agents Of Fortune reads: M. Krugman-A. Bouchard-D. Waller. For the record, I have no problem with any of this.

After the BOC recorded the tune, the Imperial Dogs' original version was issued as a 45 on Back Door Man Records in early 1978. I was part of the Back Door Man fanzine staff as well as that of our spin-off record label.

In 1989, this same Imperial Dogs' recording of "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" surfaced on the Imperial Dogs' LP, titled Unchained Maladies: Live! 1974-75, which was issued by the Australian indie label, Dog Meat Records.

Now... visual proof of the Imperial Dogs' original version has arrived with the release of an Imperial Dogs DVD titled Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974). This hour-long, black and white, mono DVD was digitized from the original open-reel (pre-Betamax) videotape that the Cal State Long Beach students used to film the show we did that fateful night.

For further details, please go to http://www.theimperialdogs.com. You'll find a bit of the back story, a pair of clips taken from the DVD -- including "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" -- and how to order the DVD.

As noted on the site, full-screen versions of these clips can also be seen on youtube. Be aware all these clips posted on the Internet are, of necessity, lo-res versions of the clips and the audio & video quality on the DVD is far superior.


Read about Kim Fowley's recollections of the recording of "(This Ain't) The Summer of Love" here:

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