Think of Runaways puppet-master Kim Fowley and you think Hollywood Svengali, musical maestro, promoter, writer, producer and entrepreneur (though if you've seen "Edgeplay", you might choose different adjectives) but you DON'T - as a rule - often think "Blue Oyster Cult".

They don't really seem to be his kind of band, yet there's his name in the credits on BOC's best-selling record "Agents of Fortune". How did that association come about, I wondered..

Kim got in touch to put me straight...

Back in 1975 Kim Fowley ruled the Hollywood Rock Scene... at least the street version. Kim was producing and co-writing The Runaways. Kim had 2 co-written songs on the "Destroyer" album by KISS. Kim had co-writing on a song by Alice Cooper on "Welcome to my Nightmare."

Kim was a consultant for the Whiskey A Go Go. Kim was producing Venus and the Razorblades, Co-Producing the Qwick. Hey, The Dead Boys were doing a Kim Fowley song and so were BTO.

Kim already knew R. Meltzer. Meltzer had covered Kim's 1972 USA radio promo tour which was covered in slime and scandal. That was the tour where Kim Fowley discovered The Modern Lovers... but that's another story. Read Kim's book, its coming out via Feral House in 2004.

Through Meltzer Kim met Sandy Pearlman and Murray Krugman. Kim took Sandy and Murray and some of the band or maybe all of the band (?) to a wild party in Topanga Canyon. The party was thrown on top of a mountain by Louie Marvin, the millionaire playboy-heir of S & H Green Stamps.

Not too much was remembered about the exact details of the party except there were Naked Women-Camels-llamas and lots of coastal fog. Kim remembers however that several of the cars almost went over the cliff it was so foggy.

During the drive to and from the party Kim told Murray about The Ratz who were from Tujunga California. Murray really wasn't interested, he asked Kim if he had any lyrics that BOC could put music too.

Of course Kim said Yes, and invited Murray to come to his Condo the next day to see the lyrics for himself.

The next afternoon Murray rang the bell of Kim's condo, probably expecting to see Kim Fowley lyrics, instead Murray walked into a meeting Kim was having with Don Waller.

Don was a rock contributor and a founding editorial staff member Of Back Door Man Magazine, Don was also lead singer of The Imperial Dogs.

Don had all his lyrics laid out on Kim's rug. Murray was ushered into the living room and saw lyrics on the floor. He fell to his hands and knees and began reading Don Waller's lyrics. When he saw "This Aint the Summer of Love" he grabbed the lyric and jumped to his feet.

Krugman then told a surprised Fowley and Waller and the rest of the room that probably included a couple of The Runaways that "Summer" was the exact lyric he was looking for.

Fowley then announced that he was half publisher and Waller was half writer and that he and Waller would be happy to share a platinum hit with the BOC co-writer and co-publisher.

The end result was: "This Aint The Summer of Love" was side 1, cut 1 of Agents of Fortune by BOC. Yes the record went platinum. Everybody involved became a billionaire.

It was easy. You should have been there....

Kim Fowley
Summer 2002

Kim on the Phone

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