This page forms the main index to the Giglopaedia: the Blue Oyster Cult Universal Gig Guide and At-a-Glance Setlist Compendium, and has been formulated initially from the exhaustive concert guide compiled by Bolle Gregmar and Gary Aschliman on the BOC official site, and then later by Sam Judd and Rick Reyer, online research and from valuable information sent in by fans from around the world.

Incidentally: click here to see's current show list detailing BOC's upcoming gig schedule...

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BOC Giglopaedia Search Facility

I've had a few requests to re-instate this feature so here it is. It's a search feature which will allow you to find out all the occasions when a certain song has been played, or to find out all the BOC gigs ever played in - say, Nebraska.

Caveat browser: This is all done in javascript - it's not a database. This means it's bloody slow. Slow is a relative term usually. Here, it's not - it's absolute. It's absolutely slow. OK? Got it? It's not quick.

To visit the Search page, click the button below - and then go and put the kettle on while it loads all the files it needs...

BOC Gig Totaliser and Stats Page

Click the button below to go to the stats page where you can see an at-a-glance breakdown of all the countries, US states and Canadian provinces that BOC have ever played.

This page also contains the current value of the BOC Gig Totaliser, a number which includes all the known SWU and SFG gigs, as well as those gigs between 1979-1986 when the BOC played under the "Soft White Underbelly" name.

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