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Joe Bouchard

Yeah, it was a great night at Arlenes.

I had a great time with the NYC debut of my newest project, the Cool Prototypes, which is myself on acoustic and vocals and Patty G on vocals and percussion. The songs are stripped down, raw and in your face rock tunes played with a minimum of instruments. We played about 30 minutes, but it was exciting to play a set of all original, newly written songs. The crowd response was very warm and enthusiastic.

The set list was:

  1. Jukebox in My Head
  2. Music Makes Me Feel Alive
  3. Which Road is Mine?
  4. Desire
  5. The Cowboy's Dream

The Late David Roter Method played at 9 PM

The set list was:

  1. Do You Believe in Me? (Albert on vocals and acoustic guitar)
  2. I Think I Slept with Jackie Kennedy Last Night (Joe on vocals)
  3. Il Duce (David Hirshberg on vocals)
  4. My Man Won't Stand (Joe on vocals)
  5. Sonny Liston (Jack Rigg on vocals)
  6. Coney Island Girl (Andy Shernoff on vocals)
  7. Joan Crawford (Albert on vocals)

It was a great, great gig. A heartfelt tribute to a man we all loved, and gave us many great laughs. I only wish David Roter was there. Ah . . . but he's probably being tied to the radiator by Jackie O right now.

The Brain Surgeons came on at 10 PM and sounded great with the addition of Ross the Boss on guitar. Their new studio CD should be a killer.

Thanks to all that came to the show and made it a special night.

Joe Bouchard

On 2 December 2004 Joe and Patty G were special guests on WPKN radio, Bridgeport, CT and for an hour they chatted and played some new demo songs from their upcoming "Rockstar" 8-track mini-CD project live in the studio. New tunes played were "Party Like a Rockstar", "Jukebox in my Head", "The Cowboy's Dream" and "Which Road Is Mine". More details on this CD are provided below...

Joe also played The Stooges' "1969"... OK? Apparently it was another year for me and you... another 12 months without any definite prospects on the horizon... boo hoo!!! Or something like that... I think Joe should do "I Wanna Be your Dog" off that LP too...

BOC played one or two gigs with the Stooges back in the day - most notably the Academy New Years Eve gigs in 1973 and I think maybe these tie with the 1972 shows with Alice (Killer tour) as the gigs I'd most like to have seen...

Oh and then there was that show with the MC5... and the one with the Dead... and let's not forget that Chubby Checker gig!!

Joe Bouchard

The set we played at The King Club in Centereach long Island, NY was three songs The songs were Which Road Is Mine?, Jukebox in My Head, and The Cowboy's Dream. It was a great set, very well received. Long Island fans are always very outspoken. After "Which Road . . " one guy in the audience said something like "that's the greatest song BOC never did." When I mentioned that I wrote another song for James Hetfield, somebody said "Hetfield sucks balls!" LOL!!!

Patty and I also performed with an old friend, Larry Hoppen. He is the lead singer in the popular group, Orleans. We did Dance with Me (background vocals and me on mandolin solo) and Still the One (background vocals and mando).

After Patty and I did our set, I played two songs on bass with Richie Scarlet. We played an original blues called 3 O'clock in the Morning, and the cover tune Wild Thing. Patrick Johansson from Sweden played drums and Pete Gallinari played keyboards. I hung out all night with Carmine Appice, who was scheduled to play, but I had to split before he went on. Also, I had a nice conversation with Joey Belladonna, former singer from Anthrax.

Joe Bouchard

Patty and I are gigging tomorrow night in Danbury Connecticut (January 29). It's a last minute thing, a hotel lounge gig. I am excited about it since we get to play 3 sets and we can do pretty much anything we want. I've got a new acoustic guitar, a Breedlove that sounds amazing, and I just bought a new Marshall 100 watt amp for acoustic guitar. Gotta love that gear. ;-)!

Joe Bouchard

The show at Vivo's in Danbury Feb. 25 I recorded on minidisc, but when I got to Mary's on Saturday I found I didn't have any blank discs so the disc was initialized in order to record the Mary's show at least for the second and fourth sets. So the record of that set list is gone and the Vivo's show will have to go into the unknown set list category.

I remember listening to the playback later and thinking it was a very musical night. I loved the singing. The place is usually very quiet, so that is where we work on out singing parts and tryout new songs. We played three sets. The first set was unusual in that it started with a percussion jam where Patty and I both played hand drums to prerecorded jazz. It was a loads of fun.

Joe Bouchard

The Blue Bar was a little more sedate than Mary's was. It was my first time playing there. The crowd was friendly and appreciative. We played 30 minutes past when we were supposed to quit.

SET 1:

  1. Foxey Lady (jazzy version)
  2. Norwegian Wood
  3. Jukebox in My Head
  4. Light Years of Love
  5. Opened Doors
  6. Burnin for You
  7. If I had a $1,000,000
  8. Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. The Cowboy's Dream
  10. Desire
  11. Do It All for You
  12. Sweet Jane (Cowboy Junkies version)
  13. A Million Degrees
  14. Love's a Killer
  15. Desperado (Alice not Eagles)
  16. Overdriven
  17. Reaper

Set 2:

  1. Love Train (O'Jay's Cover)
  2. I Think I Slept with Jackie Kennedy Last Night
  3. Beautiful Dancer
  4. Lawyers Guns and Money
  5. Knockin On Heaven's Door
  6. Last Time
  7. Comfortably Numb
  8. Wish You Were Here

Set 3:

  1. Music Makes Me Feel Alive
  2. French Toast
  3. End of the Line
  4. Everlong
  5. Save Tonight (with Tommy Carey vocal)
Joe Bouchard

Here is the set list from our gig at The City Ale House Danbury, CT (formerly the Hat City Ale House) Aug. 5, 2005. We weren't sure how this would go over since the other back was pretty hardcore. Actually it turned out very well. The other band wasn't too loud and they and their friends liked the acoustic sets. We will be playing there again this fall.

Set 1:

  1. Music Makes Me Feel Alive
  2. Runnin Out of Time
  3. The Cowboy's Dream
  4. Which Road is Mine?
  5. Party Like a RockStar
  6. Burnin for You

Set 2: A local metal band called Ordinary Trauma played a set. Good band, good singers with good songs. They also covered songs from bands like Tool and Korn.

Set 3:

  1. Jukebox in My Head
  2. Opened Doors
  3. Do It All for You
  4. Light Years of Love
  5. Wish You Were Here
  6. Comfortably Numb
  7. Reaper

Set 4: Ordinary Trauma plays another set.
John Berry

Great show last night in a very small bar/pizzajoint/restaurant. Arrived about 8:30 to find Joe sitting at the bar waiting for his dinner, he had spinach soup and a shrimp scewer dinner with rice and broccoli.

It was a crowd of younger folks mostly, some having a very good time, others interested in getting as blasted as they could (definitely some chemicals involved).

The bongo duet at the beginning let me know i was in for a totally different sound on this night.

1st set:

  1. Jukebox in my head
  2. Opened doors
  3. The cowboys dream
  4. Lawyers guns and money
  5. Friend of the devil
  6. Light years fo love
  7. French toast
  8. LDOM
  9. Annie?
  10. BFU

2nd set:

  1. Do it all for you
  2. Which road is Mine
  3. Wish you were here
  4. Oh me Oh my ?
  5. The last Time
  6. Honky tonk Woman
  7. Johnnie B Goode
  8. Sample in a jar?
  9. Comfortably Numb
  10. Rebel Rebel
  11. Desire

I didn't get the third set...

Quick Gig Facts

Here's what I know about this gig:

The Band Together concert series, created by Jerry Vigorito of Fairfield and former Fairfielder Rob Fried of Redding, is planning another event Saturday, October 7, at the Fairfield Theatre, 70 Sanford Street, with proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity's Youth United House #2 in Bridgeport.

The show will feature music and dance from the 60s and 70s, from Miles Davis to Woodstock and beyond. The audience is encouraged to "dress the part" by wearing bell bottoms, platform shoes, bandanas, sparkle shirts, and join in the fun. For tickets or information contact the Fairfield Theatre at http://www.fairfieldtheatre.org or call 203-259-1036.

Scheduled to perform are rock legend Joe Bouchard, formerly of Blue Oyster Cult and The Spencer Davis Group, Max and Ira Stone, original Woodstock performers, gospel and jazz artist Chris Coogan, guitar great Butch Taylor, Ronnie Ciccia, Rob Fried, Jerry Vigorito, and The Bone Dry Band.

Joe Bouchard

It been a fantastic week here on the east coast. The fall weather has been perfect and for the first time in a long time I can say I played TWO SOLD OUT shows this past week. I knew the Hiro Ballroom would be a sell out since the Beasties Boys were on the bill and NYC is a big Beasties town.

Patty G and I played the Fairfield Theatre in Fairfield CT on Saturday. It was a benefit for Habitat for Humanity and we played to a packed house. There were 4 local bands on the bill, but no other big headliners.

The show was well promoted and we had a wide age range from little kids to grandpas. They loved the show and I had a great time.

The organizers hope to "brand" their Band Together logo to do more charitable gigs in the area.

This gig was so organized here is a full set list (the tunes witn an asterisk were the ones Patty and I did):

Set 1 [ 7:40-8:55pm ]
So WhatDm bassjazz
Freddie The FreeloaderBb saxjazz
If I Were A Carpenter or JenniferDStonebandvocalsfolk
Lucy In Sky With DiamondsGStonebandvocalsrock
Somebody To LoveF#mStonebandguitarrock
What's Going OnEmajButchvocalsmotown
Little WingEmButchguitarrock
Purple HazeEmButchguitarrock
Perfect Way dancejazz dance
* Gimme Some Lovin'EJoeguitarrock
* Burnin' For YouAmJoevocalsrock
* DFTRAmJoevocals/guitarrock
Set 2 [ 9:30-10:35pm ]
Papa Dukie And The Mud PeopleGBonevocalsrock
Love The One You're WithABoneorganrock
Tangled Up In BlueFBoneguitarrock
That's What Love Will Make You DoCBonebassrock
Magic Carpet Ridedancejazzdance
One Way OutARonnieguitarrock
Born On The BayouERonnievocalsrock
Feeling AlrightCRonnieharprock
* HelpAJoevocalsrock
* Its All Over NowGJoeguitarrock
* What I'd SayEJoevocalsrock
* Roadhouse BluesEJoe/Allharp/guitarrock
* How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By YouGJoe/Allvocalistsmotown