• Soft White Underbelly

The intention of this section is to try to document the early days of Blue Oyster Cult by creating an accurate timeline of the interweaving events that led to its creation, plotted against the activities of some of the individuals involved - not just the members of BOC themselves, but also people like Andy Winters, John Wiesenthal, Les Braunstein, Richard Meltzer, Sandy Pearlman, Bruce Abbott, Jeff Latham, Jeff Richards, Bill Gawlik etc.

Along the way, I'll be looking at The Regal Tones and The Clansmen, The Disciples and Travesty, Rick and the Ravons and The Lost and Found, The Soft White Underbelly, Oaxaca and The Stalk Forrest Group.

I'll be examining the recordings, the gigs, the band houses, the line-up changes, personal testimonies etc etc - if it's SWU or SFG related, I'll be looking at it... Bits and pieces of the story have been told before, of course - there's the "Goldmine" article, the Popoff book, the sleeve notes to the Stalk Forrest Group CD, etc etc... there's lots of interesting information in there, undoubtedly, but these different sources often seem to contradict each other, and anomalies crop up if you try and place them within a fixed timeline of seemingly definite known datable events...

Hence this section...

Relevant Links
SWU / SFG: The Main Story...
Introduction || 1965 || 1966 || 1967 || 1968 || 1969 || 1970 || 1971

NB: The main part of this section is not ready for uploading yet, hence the links immediately above aren't 'live' yet - but a number of associated "supporting" files and resources are available, and they're linked below.

I'm still trying to make sense of a few anomalies in the time-line, but as soon as I've finished typing it out, I'll upload the main part...

Associated Features
The Band Houses || examination of all that is currently known...
SWU/SFG Recording Information || breakdown of all the known early recording sessions
SWU/SFG Gigs: || the known unknowns
SWU/SFG Songs: || an attempted compendium
SWU Vocalists: || there were more than you might think...
In the Belly of the Beast || a piece by richard meltzer
Bill Gawlik || what do we know about this mysterious figure...?
John Wiesenthal Interview || "stormy weather"
John Wiesenthal || questions & answers session
Jeff Richards || man of mystery
Jeff Kagel || how does he fit into the picture...?
Albert Bouchard Interview || all about those early days
Jurassic Rock || musical memories of stony brook by robby barkan and wendy c bialek