Originally, Blue Oyster Cult have long been recognised as more than just the five guys who got up onstage every night to play the gig. They were more than just the sum of their parts. They were a collective.

There were the musicians - obviously - but then there were also the "family" of collaborators who all chipped in to add their 10 cents that helped augment the overall jigsaw that was BOC.

One of these collaborators has long been recognised to be Patti Smith, long-time girlfriend of Allen Lanier and lyrical contributor to a number of classic BOC tracks. She's also both sung on BOC records and appeared with them in concert.

However, the legend also goes that she was once in the running to be the lead singer for the band, but turned them down. This page will examine the evidence for this contention.

To understand the overall context, you can't really do better than to read Patti's autobiography, "Just Kids". This book examines Patti's early development as an artist in the context of her relationship with Robert Maplethorpe and the people she encountered when first coming to New York after leaving Chicago.

It's a fascinating read and gives you a bit of an insight into the New York scene of the late sixties/early seventies as seen through Patti's eyes.

My only criticism of the book - from my own point of view - is that Allen gets barely a mention - it's all about Robert Maplethorpe, Sam Shepherd, etc. My impression is that maybe she didn't want to give him much space because her relationship with him wasn't strictly relevant to the Smith-Maplethorpe axis, but possibly because of "other" circumstances that resulted in the ending of that relationship.

I don't know - all I can say for sure, is that I was looking for a bit more insight on her connection to Meltzer, Pearlman, Allen and BOC in general, and didn't get it. But I must say, the book is still a great read, regardless...

Anyway, this is a BOC site, so what I'll do is pull out some features from Patti's timeline that I think are of interest from a BOC point of view, and relevant to the idea that she was once offered the role of lead singer for BOC, and see where that takes me.

03 Jul 1967

Patti leaves Chicago for Brooklyn - when she arrives, she meets Robert Mapplethorpe for the first time in a friend's building

Patti dosses around for a few weeks, looking for work...

21 Jul 1967

Patti is still dossing round at the time of the funeral of John Coltrane...

End July/Aug 1967 - ish

Patti is hired as a cashier in the uptown branch of Brentano's bookstore

She meets Robert Mapplethorpe again in the shop, buying jewellery...

Start of Aug 1967 - ish

A week later, meets him again in street - he finds a place for them to stay - and they stay together over few next weeks...

Eventually get an appt together at 160 Hall Street...

November 1967

RM gets laid off from his own Brentano's job, and then Patti is fired also...

December 1967

RM got an xmas job at FAO Schwarz as a window trimmer

Early 1968:

Patti gets a job at Scribner's Bookstore, 597 Fifth Avenue

RM quits

Early Mar 1968

RM gets a temp job as an usher for the newly opened Fillmore East

23 Mar 1968:

She got passes off Robert Mapplethorpe to see The Doors at Fillmore East

4 April 1968

Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated

Early June 1968

Andy Warhol shot

Summer 1968

Drifted apart somewhat - PS moves out of Hall Street appt - shared a place with friend Janet

They get robbed and move out - PS goes back to Brooklyn

Sep 1968:

RM leaves for SF...

Late 1968

RM returns late 68 and gets a bf

Easter 69

Patti gets back with RM

Summer 1969:

Patti and sister go to Paris (she's there on 3 July 1969 Brain Jones death). In "Patti Smith: A Biography" by Nick Johnstone - she reckons she came to Paris in May 1969BUT, in "Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk" by Legs McNeil, Gillian McCainPenny Arcade says: "I was with her the night Brian Jones died. She was just hysterical. Just crying hysterically. I mean, I ws upset too, but she just kept talking about "Baby Brian Jones" and "Baby Brian Jone's bones."...

03 Jul 1969:

Brain Jones death

20-21 Jul 1969:

Moon landing

21 Jul 1969:

She returned to NY (at time of moon landing)

Goes to see RM - he's not well - there's a murder outside - so they leave and move out to a rough hotel

They soon move out and go to the Chelsea Hotel with RM

PS gets Scribner's job back

8-9 Aug 1969

Tate murders by the Manson Family

15-18 Aug 1969

Woodstock Festival, Bethel NY.

Patti meets Janis Joplin at El Quijote, the restaurant attached to the Chelsea Hotel.

Fall 1969

First trip to Max's

Thanksgiving 1969

Arranged a new workspace as Chelsea a bit cramped

November 1969

Date given for when Patti met Allen Ginsberg and he bought her a sandwich

01 Jan 1970

They move out to new loft appt on 206 West 23rd Street with big windows but also still stayed at Chelsea - apparently...

Mid-Jan 1970

PS met Steve Paul, who managed Johnny Winter

02 Feb 1970

On Groundhog Day they attended a small party in the hotel for Johnny, to celebrate his signing with Columbia Records.

Feb 1970

Patti cuts hair off

Offered part Femme Fatale, in La MaMa which "was one of the earliest experimental theaters, off-Broadway with a few more offs".

04 May 1970:

The Kent State shootings - unarmed college students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, killed by members of the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970.

04 May 1970:

Femme Fatale previewed (with Patti) on May 4 1970, the day the Kent State students were killed.http://www.lamama.org/archives/year_lists/1970page.htmMay 6 FEMME FATALE Playwright: Jackie Curtis Director: Anthony J. IngrassiaComposer: Tom MarcusMay 6 to May 12 presumably becauseMay 13 JULIA CAESAR Playwright: Allan Causey Director: Allan Causey Composer: Richard DeMoneBUT:Patti Smith: An Unauthorized BiographyBy Victor Bockris, Roberta Bayleysays PS made her first appearance in 1969 in the Theater of the Ridiculous play "FEMME FATALE" !!

25 May 1970:

RM meets David Croland

31 May 1970:

Moved into bigger appt in same building and finally left Chelsea also

05 Jun 1970:

Bobby Neuwirth took PS to see CSNY at the Fillmore - drove to Woodstock afterwards where the Band was recording Stage Fright. Todd Rundgren was the engineer.

July ? 1970:

We all went to see Janis play in Central Park at the Wollman Rink, but it was rained off til an August resheduling

July ? 1970:

She attended the Velvet Underground reunion set upstairs at Max's - so perhaps that means the 2nd night (30th)...?

wikI:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_at_Max%27s_Kansas_CityThe tapes that would later become Live at Max's Kansas City were recorded on August 23, 1970, by Andy Warhol associate Brigid Polk on a portable cassette recorder. While they were recording Loaded, the Velvet Underground held a 9-week engagement (June 24 - August 28, 1970) at New York nightclub Max's Kansas City, playing two sets a night.

04 Jul 1970:

Goes with Todd Rundgren to visit his parents

Later that night asked to be in Island by Tony Ingrassia at La MaMa

14 Jul 1970:

Open mic night reading - hosted by Jim Carroll - that was her first real poetry reading - her participation was prompted by RM - but where was it? Her first meeting with Jim Carroll...

Mid July 1970:

Goes out with Jim Carroll for a while - he moves into Patti's side of the 23rd Street loft while she's still rehearsing for "Island"

Made last payment on guitar - turned FOUO into a song on it

Aug ? 1970:

Final performance of Island - Andy Warhol had attended every performance... the last night saw Tenneessee Williams attendDiscrepancy:https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Anthony_Ingrassia"After returning from London in 1972, Ingrassia wrote and produced the show Island.[2][8] The play starred Patti Smith, Cherry Vanilla and Jayne County. It was set at a beach house on Fire Island and featured a dysfunctional family and their houseguests. Reportedly Ingrassia hired singer-songwriter-musician Patti Smith for her style and looks, and rewrote the play to feature her prominently.[9]"1972!!!![2] Fame, retrieved 16 September 2015[8]Vanilla, Cherry (2010), Lick Me: How I Became Cherry Vanilla, retrieved September 16, 2015[9]Bockris, Bockris; Bayley, Roberta (1999), Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography, Simon & Schuster, retrieved September 16, 2015Not listed on lamama archiveshttp://www.lamama.org/archives/year_lists/1972page.htmMarch 3 Short Bullins Playwright: Ed Bullins Director: Allie WoodsMarch 3 Picnic en Campana Playwright: Fernando Arrabal Director: Delfor Peralta At the Extension March 4 Locomotive Munch Playwright: Jeff Weiss Director: Ricardo MartinezMarch 5 Music at LaMama Company: Zizi Muellers GroupMarch 17 Ritualmagiadanza Playwright: Alejandra Dondines Director: Alejandra Dondines At the Extension March 17 Sister Sadie Playwright: Clifford Mason Director: Allie WoodsMarch 19 Music a LaMama with: Aaron Bell March 30 Mister Gynt, Inc. Company: Asian Repertory Company Playwright: Jerry Heyman & Mavis Taylor Director: Mavis Taylor Composer: Carl FribergBut "Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography" by Victor Bockris, Roberta Bayley says: "Patti's last time onstage acting was on April 29, 1971, playing Cavale to Shepard's Slim in Cowboy Mouth".How come, if "Island" WAS 1972??IN "Dancing Barefoot: The Patti Smith Story" By Dave Thompson it says 25 Dec 71: Patti did a poetry reading at the Poetry projectDays later she packed her bags for London poetry readingThen back to NYC and "Patti's third assault on theatre-land, at the La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in March 1972." = Island.Spring 1972 brought another reading at St MarksAug 72 a return to the stage (end of month, 6 nights only) in "Thunderstorms New York Style" by Hal Craven with the NY Theater Ensemble

Aug 1970:

Janis returned for her rain date in Central Park

28 Aug 1970:

Party - met Jimi Hendrix on stairs

Summer 1970:

This is around the time Meltzer says he became friends with her.

18 Sep 1970:

Jimi Hendrix death

Sep 1970:

Went to Paris with sisters

Todd Rundgren took me to the Village Gate to hear a band called the Holy Modal Rounders

They played there 30 Sept and 1 Oct 1970 [701001 - The Village Voice p22] and Nov 11-14 1970 [701112 - The Village Voice].

According to "Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography" by Victor Bockris, Roberta Bayley she'd broken up with Carroll by now because he "refused to stop seeing a fashion model on the side".

03 Oct 1970:

Steve Paul sent a car for Robert and me to see Johnny Winter at the Fillmore East on 3 October 1970

04 Oct 1970:

Janis Joplin died in Hollywood CA

She invited the drummer - Sam Shepard - for an interview

During October, getting more friendly

Robert offered to get PS a reading - He spoke on my behalf to Gerard Malanga, who was scheduled to read at St. Mark's Church in February. Gerard generously agreed to let me open for him.

She met Lenny Kaye

Sam Shepard got a room at the Chelsea

For the reading, Todd suggested that I be aggressive, and he gave me a pair of black snakeskin boots to wear. Sam suggested I add music. I thought about all the musicians who had come through the Chelsea, but then I remembered Lenny Kaye had said he played electric guitar. I went to see him.

10 Feb 1971:

1st Poetry reading at St. Mark's Church

I was bombarded with offers stemming from my poetry reading. Creem magazine agreed to publish a suite of my poems; there were proposed readings in London and Philadelphia; a chapbook of poems for Middle Earth Books; and a possible record contract with Steve Paul's Blue Sky Records.

I turned down the record contract but left Scribner's to work for Steve Paul as his girl Friday.

She writes a play with Sam - "Cowboy Mouth"

29 Apr 1971:

Cowboy Mouth opened at the end of April at the American Place Theatre on West Forty-sixth Street.

On the third night, Sam disappeared. We closed the play. And like Slim Shadow, Sam returned to his own world, his family, and his responsibilities. He left NYC.

Mid-Jun 1971:

Steve Paul offered to take me to Mexico with some other musicians to write songs, Robert encouraged me to go. Mexico represented two things that I loved: coffee and Diego Rivera. We arrived in Acapulco in mid-June and stayed in a sprawling villa overlooking the sea. I didn't get much songwriting done, but I drank a lot of coffee.

A dangerous storm drove everyone home, but I stayed on, and eventually made my way back through Los Angeles. It was there I saw a huge billboard for the Doors' new album, L.A. Woman, an image of a woman crucified on a telegraph pole. A car drove by and I heard the strains of their new single coming over the radio, "Riders on the Storm." I felt remorse that I had almost forgotten what an important influence Jim Morrison had been. He had led me on the path of merging poetry into rock and roll, and I resolved to buy the album and write a worthy piece on his behalf.

03 July 1971:

Jim Morrison death in Paris

03 Jul 3 1971:

By the time I returned to New York, fragmented news of his passing in Paris filtered back from Europe. For a day or two, no one was certain what had happened. Jim had died in his bathtub from mysterious causes; on July 3, the same date as Brian Jones.

Also on this day, RM introduced to John McKendry who later in the year takes him to Paris.

Early July 1971:

BOC audition - how come Patti Smith is on the panel? Why?

Met Allen - but when? And how long before they became an "item"...?

In the Goldmine special (7 June 1996), on page 54 it had this:

"We were in the middle of [recording the first album] when they got into a heavy relationship."

So that would place it around October 1971...

Sept 1971-ish:

Patti and Allen move into the Dix Hills band house for a while...https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=x2JdCwAAQBAJ&pg=PA295&lpg=PA295&dq=Robert+got+his+nipple+pierced&source=bl&ots=8IFFa-piSg&sig=LZfgmfmPTtY3Koj1Pwm1-Z8ZAjc&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjp383fgM3WAhWGPRoKHf1iA1IQ6AEIVjAJ#v=onepage&q=Robert%20got%20his%20nipple%20pierced&f=falseYet "Robert Mapplethorpe: The Photographs" By Paul Martineau, Britt Salvesen says during 1971, Mapplethorpe had become into photography and travelled to London etc - he got a photographic grant too from Polaroid.While he was in Paris on 4 Nov 71, he had an exhibition of his work opened at the Chelsea.24 Nov his nipple film screened at NY MMA"Musician Allen Lanier, Smith's boyfriend, moves in to the 23rd Street loft."


When our loft was broken into, It was time to go. The three men in my life-Robert, Allen, and Sam-hashed it out.

Sam Wagstaff gave Robert the money to buy a loft on Bond Street, down the block from him.

Allen found a first-floor apartment on East Tenth Street, within walking distance of Robert and Sam. He assured Robert he was earning enough from the band to take care of me.

20 Oct 1972:

Left for this new appt with Allen on October 20, 1972. It was Arthur Rimbaud's birthday.

9 March 1976

The Sonic Rendezvous opened for Patti Smith in Detroit - she met Fred "Sonic" Smith for the first time


By 1978, Fred and Patti had become a couple. Both "Dancing Barefoot" and "Frederick" on Patti's 1979 album "Wave" were inspired by Sonic.

1 March 1980

Fred and Patti married.

4 Nov 1994

Fred Sonic Smith died in Detroit's St. John's Hospital of heart failure. He was 45.

OK - first I'll examine all the known evidence and see if that stacks up. For example, Patti Smith's own wiki page says this:

Smith was briefly considered for the lead singer position in Blue Oyster Cult.

Other sources lay it on a bit stronger - for example, this "10 Musicians Who Almost Joined Other Bands" page has this:

"At one point she was even invited by Blue Oyster Cult to be the band's singer. But, thankfully, Patti declined the offer."

So according to them, Pearlman actually made the offer, but it was rebuffed. This page later goes on to contend she turned down Van Halen also, (clearly, the author can't differentiate between Patty and Patti), so this evidence has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

In Patti's autobiography, "Just Kids" she puts it a bit differently:

Sandy Pearlman, in particular, had a vision of what I should be doing. Although I wasn't ready to fulfill his particular take on my future, I was always interested in his perception of things, for Sandy's mind contained a repertoire of references from Pythagorean mathematics to St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music....

He saw me as fronting a rock and roll band, something that had not occurred to me, or that I had even thought possible. But after writing and performing songs with Sam (Shepherd) in Cowboy Mouth, I felt the desire to explore songwriting.

I went back to my writing, but singing found me.

Sandy Pearlman was convinced that's what I should be doing, and he introduced me to Allen Lanier, the keyboard player of the band he was managing. They had begun as the Soft White Underbelly, recording an album for Elektra that was never to be released. They were now known as the Stalk-Forrest Group, but would soon become Blue Oyster Cult.

He had two motivations for introducing us. He felt Allen might help frame the songs I was writing for myself, and that possibly I could write lyrics for the band...

While our musical collaboration progressed slowly, our friendship deepened, and soon we chose a romantic relationship over a working one.

It seems Pearlman saw himself as somewhat of a Svengali figure who might shape and guide Patti Smith in her fledgeling musical career.

If you read "Dancing Barefoot: The Patti Smith Story" by Dave Thompson, he deals with it in a rather "wooly" manner:

Three years earlier, Sandy Pearlman had been a writer for Crawdaddy when he had the idea of putting a band together to perform a series of musical poems he had written, Imaginos. Since that time, the band he created, Soft White Underbelly, had morphed into the Stalk-Forrest Group, but it was about to change its name again, to the Blue Oyster Cult, and set out on a career pioneering a seismic brand of militaristically mystical metal. Pearlman would remain their manager, and looking to expand his stable of clients, he was pushing Patti to delve deeper into rock 'n' roll as well.

His dream of pairing her with a keyboard player and composer named Lee Crabtree collapsed when Crabtree committed suicide following a row with his parents over an inheritance from his grandfather.

So Pearlman suggested Patti join the Blue Oyster Cult instead, as a behind-the-scenes writer if not a performer. Patti never took him up on the offer, but she did start dating the band's keyboard and rhythm guitar player, igniting what would become the most permanent relationship she had ever known. She and Lanier would remain partners until 1978.

So - Pearlman suggested Patti join the Blue Oyster Cult instead, as a "behind-the-scenes writer if not a performer"...? WTF does join the band as a "non-performer" mean? What, like Bez? Basically, he's saying BOC wanted to use some of her lyrics. And they did that anyway...

But the whole "Patti nearly joined BOC" thing was never about that...

John Swartz's BOCFAQ says this:

In early 1969, Soft White Underbelly recorded material for an album for Elektra that was never released. Due to differences with the rest of the band, Les Braunstein left the band after recording the album (or possibly before it was completed). Braunstein's departure was probably a factor in Elektra's decision not to release it.

Albert Bouchard, Sandy Pearlman, and Richard Meltzer all tried to sing. According to Albert Bouchard, he and Pearlman wanted Patti Smith (who had met the band around that time, and later formed a personal relationship with Allen Lanier) to sing, but the rest of the band out-voted them. As it turned out, the best sounding was Eric Bloom.

The massive BOC Goldmine special [#414 - 7 June 1996] had this to say:

With Braunstein gone, the band's record contract with Elektra was now in serious jeopardy. But they had come too close to having something great happen for all of them, they felt, and to allow the band to break up was unthinkable. Around this time, an important aspect of BOC's history began filtering in, the female aspect. It came in the person of a young writer named Patti Smith.

"Then we went through the whole thing again! We had Sandy tryin' to sing, Meltzer tryin' to sing, me tryin' to sing," Albert recalled of the crisis precipitated by the situation with Braunstein. Considered at that time, according to Albert, as the band's answer to the problem of being left once again without anyone out front, was the 22-year old Smith.

"I'd heard about her from Sandy Pearlman for over a year," the drummer recalled. "As a matter of fact, her name was brought up when Les split. In the summer of '68 [Pearlman] had been telling me, 'You gotta check out Patti Smith. She's a great singer, she's a fantastic poet.' He had some of her poetry and we were looking at it. And I was like, 'Yeah, great - let's get a girl lead singer!' It seemed like some of the other people were not into it, as I remember it. So, we got Eric instead."

So this account more or less corresponds with the BOCFAQ version, except they got the date wrong it wasn't the summer of '68, it was actually around mid-May 1969 when Les departed.

Now, if you read what Albert says in that Goldmine article, you'd assume that they merely discussed the idea of having Patti try out as singer, but references do seem to persist that she actually auditioned for the band.

Probably the most confusing of these comes from Albert himself. On Albert's site, he has a reviews page containing various reviews from a number of different sources detailing with his various endeavours down the years.

Midway down the page at the end of a piece from the "Democrat and Chronicle" entitled "Shucking with the Brain Surgeons" (by Jeff Spevak) was this:

Blue Oyster Cult also very nearly had a female lead singer.

"One of the guys met her at a poetry reading,' Bouchard recalls. "He said, 'Well, I've never heard her sing, but she's pretty cool.' She came over and I said, 'Wow, we gotta get this person in this band. She's awesome, with this great poetry.'

The rest of the band was not as enthusiastic as I was. Certain people did not want to have a girl in the band at that time.'

Ah, the road not taken. The cowbell not rung. How would you like to have been the guy who turned down Patti Smith for a job in your rock band?

So here Albert is saying something rather different. He's saying "she came over" which implies an actual audition at the band house - or if not a fully-fledged audition, at least a meeting between the band and Patti to maybe look at the idea...

However, all other indications I've read suggest that the band didn't meet her for at least a year and a half later, maybe a bit more.

So to get to the bottom of this, I need to try and find out just when did the band first meet Patti...

My assumption had always been that Sandy Pearlman would have come across Patti at some stage of his dealings - maybe in relation to his Crawdaddy role, or maybe just his general hob-nobbing and schmoozing amongst the NYC in-crowd, but Richard Meltzer cleared up the situation in the Popoff book, as well as providing a rather baser explanation of why Pearlman wanted to try and help Patti develop a musical dimension to her career:

Okay, basically, I was the one who brought her to the band,' recounts Meltzer. 'She was my friend.

In the summer of 1970, my dentist was around the corner from the bookstore where she worked, Scribner's Books on 5th Avenue in the 40s. And I stopped in there and we became great friends.

And somewhere down the line I brought her to the band.

Pearlman wanted to fuck her and that was his interest. And I don't know if he did or didn't, but once it was clear that she was with Allen, it got to be that there was a lot of tension between Pearlman and Allen.

Charming! Anyway, that helpfully clears up the timescale a bit - Meltzer was the one who introduced her to Pearlman and the band, "somewhere down the line" after the summer of 1970.

Therefore, when Sandy suggested Patti as a contender for SWU vocalist back in May 1969, it seems clear that he couldn't have actually met her at that point. Otherwise Meltzer couldn't have introduced her to him sometime after the summer of 1970...

So when then did the band actually get to meet her? And when did her relationship with Allen start?

It's a matter of record that Pearlman, Meltzer, Roni Hoffman, Lillian Roxon, Lisa Robinson and the rest of that crowd all turned up for Patti's inaugural St Mark's poetry reading on 12 Feb 1971 - I don't know if any of the actual band turned out for this event.

Could this have been Pearlman's first meeting with Patti...?

Regarding band members meeting her, Albert has said this in the Popoff book:

"Patti Smith was loft-sitting for Johnny Winter. I don't know ifshe had anything going on with him or just taking care of his loft. Anyways,she was there, and that was the first time I met her. And I think that was thefirst time for all of us, and we rehearsed there in Johnny Winter's loft. And thatfirst day, we wrote Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll."

It would be interesting to know when this took place. Patti doesn't mention this in her book. - but when did it take place?

Famously - yet seemingly oddly - Patti Smith was on the panel at the Clive Davis audition at Columbia. My current best guess for this is early July 1971, as the contracts for BOC to sign (sent out by the lawyers) was dated "28 July 1971", and the audition was said to have been a couple of weeks earlier.

I've read Patti's book and worked out her own time-line, but I can't see how she'd worked up enough credibility with someone like Clive Davis to be trusted to pass a musical judgement on the merits of a band hoping to be signed to his label. Did she sit in on any other auditions or just SFG? And was she already going out with Allen at this point - and, if so, had she declared "an interest", as they say in legal circles...?

She just written - and starred in "Cowboy Mouth", an autobiographical play with Sam Shepard that opened - and closed - at the end of April after Shepherd fled NYC to return to his family and band, The Holy Modal Rounders.

Patti does hint that her musical credibility had started to rise after that reading:

Everything accelerated after Lenny Kaye and I performed at St. Mark's. My ties with the rock community strengthened.

Many notable writers, such as Dave Marsh, Tony Glover, Danny Goldberg, and Sandy Pearlman had attended, and I was offered more writing assignments.

The poems in Creem would mark the first major publication of my poetry.

However, I think the following offers a bigger clue:

I was bombarded with offers stemming from my poetry reading. Creem magazine agreed to publish a suite of my poems; there were proposed readings in London and Philadelphia; a chapbook of poems for Middle Earth Books; and a possible record contract with Steve Paul's Blue Sky Records.

I turned down the record contract but left Scribner's to work for Steve Paul as his girl Friday.

So, the only sense I can make of Patti being on that panel is that maybe Steve Paul had sent her along as his stand-in - or maybe she volunteered for the task? On top of his club and musical entrepreneurship credentials, he was also the manager of Johnny Winter at that point, and would seem to be a much more relevant person to be on there...