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Quick Gig Facts

I saw and taped the studio 1 gig. It was weird because there was a tiny crowd, like 20 or less, probably & I felt very self conscious about taping it, so I hung back a bit. Many people got the copy of my tape from Bolle that he got from my friend.

I had a pass for the NYC showcase but we got there too late to see them. Did see Buck and say hi for a minute. My friend saw the Stone Pony benefit, Kiss was not billed, they were listed as Paul Stanley Band.

My thoughts on the band: It was alright. Very empty sounding after seeing BOC & I didn't think Buck could carry the whole show. Very commercial, not really to my taste at all, especially at that time. I did like their version of Expressway.

Richard Carroll

31/03/1990: The Red and The Black: Studio One, N. Newark, N.J.

Support: Shy Boy & many others


  1. What About Love
  2. Savage Garden
  3. Harvest Moon
  4. Can't Get Next to You
  5. Andrea
  6. Buck's Boogie
  7. Skin Tight
  8. Speed of Light
  9. River of Dreams
  10. Cities On Flame
  11. People in Love in America
  12. Caroline
  13. Redline
  14. The Red & The Black
  15. Expressway to your Heart
  16. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  17. Encores: Perfect Water
  18. Godzilla

I saw The Red & The Black at the East Coast Music Mall. I video taped the show and I believe sent the tape to Bolle.

Besides The Red & The Black, there was Leslie West and Reeves Gabriel. Ace Frehley showed up because he lived nearby and Buck and Ace jammed on Roadhouse Blues. Besides a few TR&TB tunes, they played some BOC songs.

During soundcheck they did Gammera Is Missing. It was great, I was right up front, with my big ole' VHS video camera. The house also had a videographer there.

During The Reaper, the whammy bar fell of of Buck's guitar, which was ironic because it was a Steinberger showcase.


Cosmo's video from this show has finally wound up on youtube:

Here's the tracklist:

  1. 03.52 What About Love
  2. 07.55 Harvest Moon
  3. 13.50 Can't Get Next to You
  4. 17.25 The Rock of Love
  5. 22.15 Andrea
  6. 26.00 Buck's Boogie
  7. 32.45 River of Dream
  8. 37.33 Cities On Flame
  9. 42.25 The Red & The Black (followed by a one-minute drum solo)
  10. 47.00 Expressway to your Heart
  11. 52.30 (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  12. 59.58 Enc Roadhouse Blues (w/Ace Frehley)

It's worth noting "The Rock of Love" is a new song...

J Bar

The Stone Pony gig was supposed to be a Stanley solo show at first, but word leaked that the entire band agreed to do it, so everyone there knew it was going to be KISS in a club...