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This section is intended to document all those gigs played by The Red and the Black (also known as RonDonJon or alternatively Roeser, Riddle & Rogers), a Buck Dharma side project which actually comprised three fifths of Blue Oyster Cult as it was then currently composed.

Much in the vein of a belated follow-up to Buck's solo effort from 1982, Flat Out, with a contemporary sound, their recordings included a later version of Perfect Water from Club Ninja and an early version of Harvest Moon from Heaven Forbid, all of which remained unreleased until 2001 as part of the Buck Dharma Archive series.

As a performing entity, they seem to have lasted for two months only - March/April of 1990 - including a record company showcase which, unfortunately for them, didn't culminate in the hoped-for deal.

The known giglist is here, the known setlists here and reviews here. If you can add any information to any of these pages, please let me know.

Anyway, if you ever saw one of the "The Red and the Black" shows, please send me a .

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NB: I fully appreciate that the above youtube clip has since been removed due to "multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement"... that seems to be a feature of nearly all BOC-related clips on youtube: their absence...

Fans are not happy about this ridiculous policy and I think it's a fitting tribute to leave the empty clip window in place...