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This section is an attempt to gather together details of all the gigs I know about which were played by current founding Blue Oyster Cult members in external "side" projects.

There aren't many and what I do have is probably full of holes, but nevertheless it's an attempt.

The Buck Dharma Band was formed for a very special purpose [ click here for more details ] and I think the BDB giglist I have is complete, but I may be missing gigs from Buck's other project, The Red and The Black...

If you know of any missing shows, please get in touch. Check out also my note below about The Eric Bloom Band - I have zero dates or information about this undertaking, so ANY information would be gratefully received.

Please note that ex-members Albert Bouchard and Joe Bouchard have their own sections which deal with their various projects since leaving BOC.

Anyway, if you've ever seen a show that would fall within this section, please get in touch and send me a .

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Blue Oyster Cult External Projects Gig and Setlist Archive

Here are the sections I currently have listed:

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The Eric Bloom Band

In 1987, Blue Oyster Cult were for all intents and purposes dead and Eric formed the Eric Bloom Band with Chuck Burgi (drums), Bob Kulick (guitar) of Meatloaf and Dennis Feldman from Heaven on bass.

According to Morning Final, they "played a few gigs around the New York area, playing mostly original material and a few old Oyster gems. Eric ceased working with them when Bob Kulick decided to make it a trio, which had a short life as Skull."

And that's all the info I have - if you have any gig information on the Eric Bloom Band (venues/dates/anything), please let me and I'll start an Eric page.

I know also that Eric got together with Richie Cannata, Billy Joel's sax player with BOC links ("Monsters") to work on some demos in 1984, but I don't think they ever played anywhere - unless you know better...?